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>FREE< My Weight Loss Breakthrough : Using Eft (Em

Vivienne E Gibson Green,: My Weight Loss Breakthrough : Using Eft (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Weight Loss

My Weight Loss Breakthrough : Using Eft (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Weight Loss


We are not all alike. We only read of the success stories from the big Weight Loss companies. We never read about the hundreds of thousands of Vivienne's out there who have fallen through the cracks in the otherwise "perfect weight loss systems" that guarantee that we will lose weight if we only follow their program. (And they are pretty big cracks if you look at me.) These poor unfortunate souls are just hidden under the carpet to wallow in their emotional baggage and are quickly forgotten to be replaced by more successful losers.During our lives, we are taught that all you need to do is diet and exercise if you want to lose weight. When that doesn't work, we are reminded of how much emotional baggage we are also carrying-but nobody cares about that. Well, believe me-I care. This is why I was prepared to give my life over to proving my Weight Loss Theory for a year so that I could finally answer the question: "Will EFT work for Weight Loss?"Since I have started teaching it, I have led many women on the same path I am following and they are all thrilled at how this time it is so different.The Diet companies only have answers for the Mind and Body-Willpower = Weight Loss.I have attended to the Spiritual part of you.EFT gave me the answers for the Emotional Baggage.We need all three aspects in a weight loss program: Mind, Body and Spirit.This has been MY WEIGHT LOSS BREAKTHROUGH. Let it be yours.

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Author: Vivienne E Gibson Green,
Number of Pages: 104 pages
Published Date: 05 Feb 2011
Publisher: Expert Author Publishing
Publication Country: United States
Language: English
ISBN: 9780983169819
Download Link: Click Here

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