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Philip Striano,: Anatomy of Running

Anatomy of Running


"In 2011, marathon, half-marathon and triathlon participation reached all-time highs." "Anatomy of Running" follows the format of the successful Anatomy of... series. The books feature full-body anatomy illustrations that reveal the musculature as the body performs a particular exercise. By seeing how the muscles interact and which muscles execute and which support the exercise, the reader gains the greatest understanding of the exercise and its benefits. "Anatomy of Running" begins with an introduction to the popular fitness activity: Benefits from running Warming up, stretching, cooling down Equipment (shoes, heart rate monitors, pedometers) Surfaces, distances, environment Muscles and ligaments used Stretches and strengthening Common injuries (identification, prevention, treatment, causes) Special considerations (age, pregnancy, fitness level, health). For the greatest benefit from running, it is not enough to head outside or to the gym and do laps. The runner must undertake a variety of strengthening exercises that improve running efficiency, increase its benefits and make gains in speed, distance and stamina. As well, those starting a running program will find it easier if they have strong muscles to work with from the beginning. Fatigue will be later in coming and discouraging injuries will be rarer, if not entirely prevented. "Anatomy of Running" is an expert guide that will be extremely useful for anyone interested in undertaking or improving a running program, training for a distance event, or using running as a complement to another fitness activity. Marathon coaches and running clinics will find the book especially useful.

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Author: Philip Striano,
Number of Pages: 160 pages
Published Date: 20 Jun 2013
Publication Country: Buffalo, NY, United States
Language: English
ISBN: 9781770851726
Download Link: Click Here

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